The Irish BioEnergy Association are pleased to launch its Biomass Combustion Emissions Report. In 2016 IrBEA with the financial assistance of SEAI hired Fehily Timoney to conduct a study on the pollutants associated with biomass combustion and on the control methods used to ensure these emissions are mitigated. Air quality is of paramount importance to our modern society and as we strive to reduce our carbon emissions it is vital that we ensure that biomass fuels, one of the cornerstones of renewable energy is able to achieve lower carbon emissions without causing an increase in other pollutant matter. With the assistance of many experts and stakeholders on the Project Steering Group IrBEA, Fehily Timoney have produced this report to assist policy makers and stakeholders alike understand the issues around pollutants and how biomass is able to limit its emissions.

Please find below the main report and the Technical Literature Review (Appendix 1)

Study on Biomass Combustion Emissions

Study on Biomass Combustion Emissions (Appendix)