IrBEA confirms approval by EPA of the Katestone Global Report  – Screening Framework for the Air Quality Assessment of Biomass Boilers

The Irish Bioenergy Association (IrBEA) commissioned Katestone Global to complete the “Screening Framework for the Air Quality Assessment of Biomass Boilers” report in response to the requirement for an EPA IPCC licence review for biomass heating system installations above 250kW at intensive agriculture EPA licensed facilities.

IrBEA promotes best practice across all aspects of the industry from biomass systems design and installation, quality fuel supply and environmental considerations. This three-part report (Technical description, Single boiler framework, Multiple boiler framework) is an example of the organisation working to address barriers to the deployment of renewable heat in Ireland.

This report provides a clear pathway for the installation of biomass heating systems, up to 1MW in size, on intensive agriculture licensed sites, without negatively impacting on local air quality. This is verified through the completion of the screening framework tool or a specific individual air modelling assessment depending on the individual site constraints. The framework also serves as a guide to other proposed installations where licencing is not required. Modern biomass boilers can be installed to dramatically reduce emissions of CO2 and can do so without having any negative impacts on air quality.

During the course of completing this work, Katestone and IrBEA have consulted widely with industry and stakeholders in the development of this three-part report. This has resulted in Katestone Global developing a scientifically based solution to help resolve the issues identified without adversely impacting on air quality.

We would like to acknowledge the EPA engagement during this work and for their feedback and technical input to the various drafts presented during the review and approval process. We would like to pay tribute to Micheal Fogarty and his team at Katestone Global for their commitment and dedication when compiling this report.

IrBEA would like to express our sincere gratitude to the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI), the Irish Farmers Association (IFA), the Wood Fuel Quality Assurance (WFQA) Scheme, Woodco, CHP Mechanical and Towards Zero Carbon for their sponsorship contributions. For further information please contact


Screening Framework for the Air Quality Assessment of Biomass Boilers – Technical Description

Screening Framework for Air Quality Assessment of a Single Biomass Boiler within a Site Boundary

Screening Framework for Air Quality Assessment of Multiple Biomass Boilers within a Site Boundary