Bioenergy – Brazil and Ireland, strengthening ties and sharing knowledge

Information Seminar on the 23rd of November at the Westbury hotel in Dublin.

Bioenergy plays a fundamental role in decarbonising the world economy and speeding up the global energy transition, by providing a renewable source of energy that can substantially reduce the use of fossil fuels.

Ireland has legally mandated emissions reductions targets and is on a trajectory to increase renewable energy generation in the next decade. The key to this is the development of the bioenergy sector. Ireland can learn from other countries who have a mainstream bioenergy industry. Brazil is an example of this with biomethane, biofuels and biomass positioned as crucial fuels to decarbonise their economy.

Despite already possessing one of the cleanest energy mixes in the world, Brazil is moving forward on hydrogen and other low carbon intensity technologies, such as biomass and biofuels. The country is fast developing its potential to produce biogas, particularly biomethane. Ireland, with a target of 5.7 TWh of biomethane by 2030, can learn from the Brazilian experience on how to mobilise the sector.

This seminar presents a platform for discussion and welcomes policymakers, technology providers, project developers, industry experts and entrepreneurs in the bioenergy sector from both Brazil and Ireland. We would like to focus on the common challenges and potential for cooperation between the two countries.

Full agenda and speaker line-up here.

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