Webinar 19: Sustainable bioenergy – Update from Brussels on a fast changing legislative framework

This webinar focused on the latest policy developments in Brussels regarding Bioenergy including the REDII Directive and the Biodiversity Strategy. It outlined the key findings in the recently published JRC Biomass Report “The use of woody biomass for energy production in the EU” and the review of the Taxonomy Directive.
There was a discussion on the growth of the anti-combustion and anti-bioenergy lobby at a Brussels and an EU level. Webinar participants will also hear about the Lobbying and Advocacy activities of Bioenergy Europe on behalf of the Industry.

View Live Recording of Presentation here

Webinar Speaker
Giulia Cancian

Policy Director at Bioenergy Europe. Giulia Cancian joined the association in 2018. She is responsible for the work of the Advocacy department and sustainability related files. Giulia holds a MA in International Relation from the University of Rome and a MSc in European Affairs from the Free University of Brussels. Before joining Bioenergy Europe, she gained experience on sustainability and energy with the biodiesel, non-ferrous metals and hydropower European trade associations in Brussels.