Save-the-Date for an all-day conference on Ireland’s transport energy mix, the Climate Action Plan and bioenergy. Ethanol Europe are teaming up with the IrBEA to host an exciting day of discussion about climate action, transport and bioenergy:

  • Latest UN science report SR15 says bioenergy is as important as electromobility if 1.5% warming limit to be achieved
  • Ireland’s welcome ambition: from “laggard” to leader
  • Conventional fleet still growing.  Is it realistic to expect a million EVs on the road by 2030 and if we do have them, will they cut GHGs by government goal of 45-50%? 
  • Ireland’s current transport energy mix
  • Used Cooking Oil (and the diesel that gets counted as used cooking oil) is lion’s share of Ireland’s current transport climate progress
  • Transport climate programmes in other EU Member States
  • Effort Sharing, Von der Leyen and Greta Thunberg:  Is RED II entirely irrelevant?
  • Prospects for biomethane in Ireland
  • Ethanol fuels 100 million vehicles worldwide and Ireland could have 50,000 of them:  E10 is good for Ireland and can be introduced without delay
  • The new consultation on biofuels (expected opening date on the 30th September) and what it means
  • Bioenergy boost for investment and Ireland farm sector incomes

Full programme to follow in the coming days, if you would like to make any inquires regarding this event please contact Teresa O’Brien at or telephone 086 1256709This is a free event but registration is necessary, book here