Webinar 34 – Bioenergy: Launching IrBEA’s Factsheet Series

A recording of this webinar can be found HERE.

Topic Overview
Over the last few months, the Irish Bioenergy Association (IrBEA) has worked on developing a series of factsheets covering the main bioenergy sectors. The first six factsheets were presented on this webinar by the Executive team and can be viewed on the IrBEA website HERE.

The titles include:

  • Bioenergy – An Overview
  • Wood and Solid Biomass Fuels
  • Biogas
  • Biofuels
  • Biochar
  • Energy Crops

The aim of the factsheet series is to provide information to a wide range of stakeholders on the various forms and aspects of bioenergy. While other renewable energies are easier for the public to comprehend (e.g., wind or solar), bioenergy is made up of a wide range of technologies and fuels and can be utilised to provide heat, electricity, and transport fuels.

The IrBEA executive team present the factsheets and ongoing work of the association in each of the sectors covered. This is particularly relevant in the current crisis of high fossil energy prices, security of energy supply, urgent need for decarbonisation and climate action. The Irish bioenergy sector is unique in that it can provide an indigenous energy solution to all the current challenges. Bioenergy can produce continuous, storable, and dispatchable renewable energy delivered through local supply chains, offering employment opportunities and economic activity.