IrBEA is organising a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Workshop through the SEAI RD&D Programme on the 20 and 21 June. The normal cost for this course is €800 per day but because of the successful SEAI funding grant, IrBEA can offer it for a hugely discounted price of €50 per day. I would urge colleagues who have a keen interest in this area to register soon as places are limited and filling up fast. It’s objective is to enable the Bioenergy Sector to understand and assess the life cycle sustainability and carbon footprint of it’s industry. Further details and registration of the 2 day workshop are listed below.

WORKSHOP DAY 1 – Introduction to Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and its Application in the RED (Renewable Energy Directive), 20 June

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is the key to understanding the environmental impact of goods and services. Within RED there is a European bioenergy sustainability certification methodology and it is a specific form of LCA.  If you are interested in learning about LCA and carbon footprint and being able to understand and evaluate its application to the bioenergy sector, for example through the RED, then this comprehensive workshop will provide you with a good overview of the methods and issues.
You will learn about the drivers for performing LCAs, gain an understanding of how LCAs are carried out and see how legitimate differences in approach may result in very different answers.

WORKSHOP DAY 2 –Practical Application of LCA to Specific Bioenergy Projects and Feedstock Supply Chains, 21 June

The workshop builds on the ‘Introduction to LCA’ and for this course you need a good overview and understanding of LCA methods and to be familiar with using Microsoft EXCEL.
This practical workshop will provide you with guidance to carrying out an LCA, with a particular focus on the RED.  You will have the opportunity to take a look at BioGrace (, a greenhouse gas calculation tool which performs calculations according to the RED, the BEAC (Biomass Emissions and Counterfactual) model for assessing biomass electricity and work through a bespoke sample LCA. Tools are open source and free to use by participants after the workshops.
Consideration will also be given to how LCA may be used to improve the environmental performance of a product or process.

Workshop Trainer – Anna Evans
Anna Evans is an independent LCA trainer who has been delivering LCA training workshops since 2009.  She has worked for 12 years with North Energy Associates in the UK and has gained considerable experience of carrying out LCA’s, especially for bioenergy projects across a range of purposes. She also consults for the National Non-Food Crops Centre (NNFCC) in the UK and Forest Research on a biofuels LCA evidence analysis for the Energy Technologies Institute, a UK based company formed from global industries and the UK government.  Previous workshops have been attended by participants from a range of backgrounds including industry, government, NGOs and academia.  She take a flexible approach to training and tailors workshop delivery to the needs of clients.
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