Bioenergy Europe Switch for Air Campaign

WFQA are associate members of Bioenergy Europe is one of Europe largest renewable energy players, they are taking the lead in improving air quality, they support the objective of increasing the share of renewable energy across Europe while reducing air emissions. Buildings are central to air quality and bioheat provides most of the renewable heating to households. Modern woody biomass installations have substantially reduced emissions in comparison with old appliances. By encouraging the switch, we are committed to decarbonise our economy and reduce pollutants whose high concentrations can be harmful for humans (particulate matter, nitrogen oxide, sulphur dioxide, carbon monoxide and benzo(a)pyrene). Bioenergy Europe call for the immediate deployment of political and economic frameworks that favour a swift replacement of traditional fossil heating solutions and open fires with available bioheat modern appliances. View the Switch for Air Campaign here, it includes an European Air Quality Index Map, where you read air quality reading around Europe.