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Energy Efficiency Grants

In response to Minister for Energy Alex White’s announcement today 10 March “Major Increase in Grants to Householders for Energy Efficiency” The Irish BioEnergy Association (IrBEA) notes the Minister has announced increases to energy efficiency grants for householders, effective immediately. IrBEA broadly welcomes this measure, but we do not support the decision to continue to grant […]

Response to Consultation on Gas Networks Ireland Policy Review/1007

IrBEA has provided a submission in response to the Commission for Energy Regulation (CER) consultation on Gas Networks Ireland Policy Review/1007. Overall our members view the proposed changes as beneficial. Our main concern is whether they go far enough to make grid connection options sufficiently attractive commercially – therefore we have recommended generally that the proposed […]

2015 IrBEA Bioenergy Conference – View Presentations 3/02/20

1. J.Balian_Ofgem & RHI final 2. M.Foley Coillte RHI perspective final 3. Ivan Codd ESB Networks REFIT & grid final 4. C.O’Carroll Poyry Biomass markets drivers final 5. J.O’Connor PWC Investor perspective final 6. T.O’Leary IFA_Bioenergy Plan & action final 7. G.Rogstrand Swedish experience final 8. C.Zammit WIS farm AD final

DRAFT IrBEA Submission To CER On Future Of Grid Connection Policy

CER Review of Connection and Grid Access Policy. As per the Weekly Noticeboard 16th January, the CER has published a Consultation Paper on theReview of Connection and Grid Access Policy. It initiates a review of existing connection policy and requests views on the CER’s proposals for the enduring connection policy regime which will be developed over […]